My Journey

My coaching journey began with needing coaching myself. I feel like I woke up one day and went “how the crap did this happen?” with my drinking. It was my dirty little secret and no f-ing way was I putting that out there.  So I embarked upon a years long pursuit of the magic fix.  I read books, blogs, nutrition plans, a zillion different approaches. I didn’t ask for help because I wasn't going to accept a negative label or talk to a room full of strangers and bare my soul. Surely I was smart enough to figure it out myself with all the resources I had.  But I still felt stuck.  Sound familiar? Join and quit, join and quit?  Yep, been there.

I found This Naked Mind and it really changed how I approach not just my drinking, but my thinking. I’d love to tell you that I read a book, did one little experiment and woke up thinner, younger and magically alcohol free….but that would be a big fat lie.  What I did to was get up. Over and over. And I learned to love the learning. I learned to see my thoughts and how they affected my feelings and behavior.  I learned in the messy, non linear way that learning goes.  

I’ve moved from being consumed with self-hatred to a place of being pretty cool with myself (I mean, it’s not perfect every day but damn, it’s so much better!). And honestly, I realized I was using my shame as an excuse, a reason why I didn't bet on myself or hold myself to higher expectations.

Now I don’t drink alcohol but much more importantly I have changed my relationship with myself and I’d love to help you do the same.  

That's my story though, I invite you to explore what’s possible in your life - to get up and be curious and care about yourself. Maybe you want to talk about an area where you feel stuck, or in uncomfortable transition.  Maybe you want to explore yourself honestly in a safe, fun place with someone who’s had their own struggles. I’ll bring my magical cloak of no judging and we will make you one of your own….I have no doubt that you can create an even better life for yourself. 

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